S.A.S. and P.A.S. Stators

S.A.S. and P.A.S. Stators

Optimal Stator Technologies for Maximum Efficiency in Progressive Cavity Pumps for Emptying Containers.

Efficiency and reliability are paramount in the world of drum and container pumps, especially in industries where the handling of viscous or abrasive fluids poses a daily challenge.

To meet these demands, S.A.S. (Self Adjusting Seal Line) and P.A.S. (Pressure Actuated Seal Line) stators are the key components that ensures outstanding performance in progressive cavity pumps.

S.A.S. Stators

S.A.S. technology offers a fully automatic, self-adjusting sealing line that continuously adapts to changing conditions and operational parameters.

This means that S.A.S. stators are capable of maintaining a consistent and reliable seal, regardless of fluctuations in viscosity, medium, pressure, or temperature.

Key Features:

  • Continuous Operation: S.A.S. stators seamlessly adjust to changing process conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  • Continuous Operation: The self-regulating sealing line significantly reduces wear and extends the service life of the rotor-stator system.
  • Higher Efficiency: The constant sealing minimizes energy consumption while maximizing pumping performance.

P.A.S. Stators

P.A.S. stators are distinguished by their pressure-regulated sealing line between the rotor and stator, which automatically strengthens with increasing pressure.

This is particularly advantageous in applications where high delivery pressures are required, even in the face of variations in viscosity, medium, pressure, or temperature.

Key Features:

  • Pressure Adaptation: P.A.S. stators flexibly adjust to varying pressure requirements, providing reliable sealing at high delivery pressures, up to 20 bar per pressure stage.
  • Enhanced Safety: Pressure-controlled sealing minimizes the risk of leaks and safeguards against unwanted failures.
  • Cost Efficiency: Improved pressure regulation preserves pump components and seals, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Whether you opt for S.A.S. or P.A.S. stators, you benefit from top-notch stator technologies that elevate the performance of your progressive cavity pump in drum and container pump applications. The choice between these two technologies depends on the specific requirements of your application.

Contact us to learn more about the applications of S.A.S. and P.A.S. stators in your industry and how these technologies can optimize your processes and boost productivity.