The IntelliflEx™ is a highly efficient pump based on the principle of the Progressive Cavity Pump. It is the technological evolution of the positive displacement pump and also a cost revolution.

Save on costs, resources & time

With our Intellidrive drive system, the IntelliflEx™ saves up to 60% electricity, monitors wear, prevents rubber swelling and thermal expansion in a controlled manner and continuously documents all parameters. The collected data can be further evaluated by the operator and thus enable a reliable insight into performance and service status anytime and anywhere.*

The use of the Intellidrive is made possible by the patented conical geometry. This unique design of the IntelliflEx™ reduces mechanical stress and thus the power requirement. By using the IntelliflEx, the previous efficiency advantages of other pump systems are no longer relevant when selecting the pump type, and the technology of the progressive cavity pump can clearly demonstrate its advantages.

With our modular construction principle, we can react flexibly to individual requirements and offer our customers not only technical but also economic advantages. Our extensive range of accessories offers additional options for working with the IntelliflEx™ even more effectively. Our accessories include pressure, leakage and temperature sensors, which ensure that optimal performance and condition monitoring is guaranteed.

Control - performance at a glance anytime, anywhere

The IntelliflEx™ provides information via smartphone app, web access or directly on the display, about details such as performance, wear and tear or service status. This means that you have access to all the data required for the operation at any time for a reliable evaluation of the performance, a continuous calculation of the electricity savings and an overview of the remaining time available until the next scheduled repair.

Fault reports are transmitted in real time via the app or email and enable immediate implementation of appropriate measures. The IntelliflEx™ sends warning notices if the usage limit falls below 20% and recommends to the operator the spare parts that will be needed for the next maintenance.

The IntelliflEx™ is constructed in such a way that it has no "dead space" and is capable of CIP and SIP without any further connections. It can be completely rinsed in cleaning mode, with the rotating unit supporting and monitoring the cleaning process. The IntelliflEx™ naturally meets all the requirements of the food industry.

Optimize – long service life, high productivity and increased efficiency

Within a few minutes and without detailed specialist knowledge, all wear parts such as rotor, stator, coupling rod, drive shaft and even the mechanical seal can be replaced and installed, using the so-called FRUTM principle (Field Replaceable Unit).

Continuous, automatic readjustment ensures that the optimum, required efficiency is always set when there is less mechanical stress. This leads to less wear and thus to the optimization of the maintenance cycles. In order to select a suitable configuration for your individual application, please speak to your customer advisor.

All materials processed in the IntelliflEx™ naturally have the required certificates and certificates for operation in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial sectors.

*when using the licensed IntelliflEx™ APP